Ranking The Live Action Spider-Man Costumes

So I thought I’d rank all of Spider-Man’s live action movie costumes.  Why?  I dunno.  This site has Pop-Tarts reviews.  This is not the weirdest blog topic here.  Anyway, I like superhero costumes and Spidey is my favorite superhero so I’m particular on how he looks.  Keep in mind this is not a ranking on which movie is the best or which actor played the best Spider-Man (mostly because that’s been done).  Let’s get started.

NOTE: Spidey had a costume that appeared briefly at the end of No Way Home, but it only appeared for a few seconds so far and it’s hard to get a good look at it, much less a screenshot, so I’m keeping it off the list for now (although it seemed pretty good).

12. Amazing Spider-Man

I really don’t like this costume at all.  The weird blue lines around the eye holes and the fingers as well as the zig-zag bits up the arms and legs just makes for an awkward design.  As for the web-pattern, I don’t like that it’s colorless and indented into the costume because it doesn’t give it much form.  Finally, I don’t like the way the spider-emblem elongates at the bottom.  It looks like someone drew the spider-symbol with wet paint on a wall and just let drip down. The fact that the red part down the torso goes all the way to the crotch area without a belt or something breaking it up adds to the stretchiness of the emblem.  It makes my eyes go straight to Spider-Man’s crotch and I don’t want to be staring at his crotch.

11. Iron Spider

I admit, I don’t like the idea of Spider-Man wearing armor.  At least not long-term.  It takes away from his average joe/underdog persona if he has a toned-down version of the Iron Man suit (to say nothing of the fact that he’s plenty powerful on his own).  That said, I find this costume too busy.  There’s just so much going on that it looks like two or three Spidey costumes smooshed together with multiple designs all vying for attention.  Every inch of the costume is covered by a band or a line or something.  I also don’t like the red, blue, black, and gold color scheme.  If they just stuck to maybe two of those colors, it’d be better.  Then there’s the waist area that just kind of cuts off.  It almost looks like he’s wearing metal jeans over the costume.  In No Way Home, the suit gets the chest insignia torn off and when it gets repaired, it’s a solid gold color, which I thought looked a bit better.

10. The Human Spider

In tenth place we have the proto-Spidey costume from the first Raimi Spider-Man flick.  I don’t dislike this costume per se.  It looks like something a poor teenager might slap together for a wrestling match and it works.  It’s just that I like all the others a lot more.

9. Amazing Prototype

As for the Andrew Garfield version, he had a really nice prototype Spidey costume as it was just black clothes with a red mask.  Again, it had the “poor teenager makes a costume” concept while also seemingly being an updated version of the coat, hat, mask look.

8. Underoos

But my favorite proto-Spidey costume is probably the MCU’s.  It has more of a superhero look, seemingly being inspired by the Scarlet Spider, while still getting the poor teenager thing down.  It’s also nice that it looks like Spider-Man.  When it comes to the other two costumes, I don’t immediately think of Spider-Man until I look a bit closer, but this one is very much a Spidey costume right out of the gate.

7. Inside Out

When Spidey wears black costumes, they usually look really cool and this one was no exception.  The black and gold looks really vibrant.  Honestly, the only thing that makes it drop down a bit on the list is that it isn’t technically a separate costume.  It’s just the MCU costume turned inside out.  It felt like it was included in the movie to sell toys and make people think Peter was gonna have this entirely new suit for a special mission (I know Dr. Strange made it magic for a while, but still…).

6. Night Monkey

Like I said, I like black Spidey costumes.  The only drawback to this one is that if you look closely, it’s just a standard SHIELD spy suit with a Spidey-like mask.  It looks good but it’s not as creative as some of the others on this list.  At least there was a point to it in the movie, though.

5. OG Spidey Costume

The Tobey Maguire movies had a great look for Peter.  The costume looked like the comics’ version for the most part with my only complaint being the grey webbing.  I never thought the grey looked good against the bright red, although they darkened the colors a bit in the second and third films which was an improvement.  The grey looked better against darker tones.

4. Symbiote

So yeah, this is my favorite black suit in the live action movies.  I didn’t like the grey webs on the normal Maguire suit but it worked really well against an all black suit.  It’s interesting that a simple change in color can make such a huge difference.  It almost looks like a photo negative, which gives it a sinister vibe; fitting for an evil version of the character. And yes, I thought the same costume looked good on Venom as well even if the actor was too slim for the role.

3. Stark Suit

I really dug the first major costume the MCU Spidey wore for Civil War and Homecoming.  It looked like a Spidey suit; it had moving eyes that were not only comic-accurate but also allowed him to show expressions and I thought the black trim along the red bits really made the colors stand out.  It’s a great look that is classic and new at the same time. Like the Iron Spider suit, I wasn’t a fan of the A.I. and other tricks, though.

2. Parker Suit

The costume Tom Holland wore at the end of Far From Home and the beginning of No Way Home was great and had a nice Steve Ditko color scheme with the black and red.  Honestly, I think this and the Stark suit were pretty much on the same level design-wise but as this is a ranking, I have to make a choice.  Since this one was actually designed by Peter as opposed to Stark and didn’t have as many bells and whistles, I’ll take it over the previous suit.

  1. Amazing Spider-Man 2

In the top spot, we have the second Andrew Garfield suit.  This one is probably the only suit that looks exactly like it came out of a comic.  We have the blank eyes, the red-and blue color scheme, and the red bands that go up the arms.  Everything is very accurate but best of all, it doesn’t look cheap.  Sometimes, when a costume is 100% comics accurate, it can look a bit like a Halloween costume.  This one looks like a costume from a big Hollywood blockbuster while still being very accurate.

So there you have it. I hope you liked that ranking.  What are your favorite costumes?  What costumes do you dislike?  What other rankings would you like to see in the future?  Let me know in the comments.

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