SWO Draft: Best Cinematic Remake/Reboot!

I'm going to keep my rambling preamble (PRE-RAMBLE!) short this month because we had a great draft, and I'm excited for you to get to read it. This month's draft was mutually agreed upon as BEST REMAKE/REBOOT MOVIES! I partnered with three others as usual, and we came up with our draft. Choosing first overall... Continue Reading →

SWO Draft: Best 90’s Video Games

Welcome to the SWO Draft for May 2021! Historically, a lot of our drafts have been movie and television based. We've done the Best Movie Sequels (and Worst Movie Sequels), Best TV Shows of the Last Decade... a lot of stuff like that. There are a lot of different directions to go in the realm... Continue Reading →

Draft: Worst Movie Sequels

Welcome to the SWO Drafts, everyone! Where we--and some of the finest independent creative forces out there--fight to the death to see who can make the best line-up from a pop culture category. It's been several weeks since our last draft, the Best Movie Sequels of All Time, and we had a lot of fun... Continue Reading →

SWO Draft: Best Movie Sequels

My wife doesn't understand ranking things that you like. She will say silly, absurd things to me like "I don't know; I just like things. I don't care if I like it 5th much or 6th much. I just like it if I like it". Pfft. What a foreign philosophy. Obviously you have to rank... Continue Reading →

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