Top Ten: Favorite Non-Big 2 Comics

Image Comics came about within my first three to four years of reading comic books. As somebody who had really only known Marvel and DC (and let’s be honest… only Marvel), it kind of blew my mind. There would be comics not directly tied into the worlds of Spider-Man or Batman? Comics that could tell stories that Superman or X-Men comics wouldn’t… or couldn’t? That … Continue reading Top Ten: Favorite Non-Big 2 Comics

Stew’s Reviews: The Tick

I really just can’t get into the Amazon Tick show. It’s not that it’s bad or anything—it’s a passable enough show—but it’s easily the third best of the three televised versions of The Tick so far. If I had a rating system, it would be: 1. Cartoon Tick/Patrick Warburton Tick (tie)Big gap3. Amazon Tick I watched the first five episodes of the new Tick and … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: The Tick