Book Of Lies’ Top Ten Horror Movie Monsters!

When it comes to ranking the 10 scariest movie monsters the challenge is separating the
monsters from the humans. Because, while tons of humans behave monstrously or become
supernatural monsters by magic or sheer will, they are/were nonetheless human.
I believe it’s cheating to put some seriously scary human characters like Michael Meyers
(Halloween) or Jason Voorhees in this category because while they are excellent movie villains,
they don’t quite qualify as monsters. We will also preclude animals that previously or currently
exist on this plant. So, dinosaurs, sharks, and snakes are out, unless they’re from another

A monster is a creature that is neither human nor animal, so to that affect creature like the shark
from “Jaws” or the alligator from “Lake Placid” don’t fit the bill either. So what is a monster?
It’s something that truly defies all logic. In that vein, we could include Freddy Kruger, but he was
once human, thus disqualifying him from the monster category.

Brandi here, from Book of Lies Podcast! I’m a horror movie fanatic and to me the scarier the
better. Sunni has to sit this one out because she’d rather Disney movies. And since this is my
jam I had to put in my 10 cents! So without further ado, here’s a list of Top 10 Movie Monsters
that keep us up at night.

10 – The Creeper – Jeepers Creepers

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In a world where the same monster wakes up to feed every 23 years for 23 days, you’d
probably go insane. At least that’s what happens to the people who encounter The Creeper and
live to tell about it. If he likes the scent of your fear, you become his target and there’s no
stopping him. He has bat wings and claws and can swoop down and pluck you up into the sky
at a whim. And once you’re in his sights there’s no escape. Your best bet is to hunker down and
23 days and hope he doesn’t develop a taste for your fear. He’s seemingly unkillable, making
this monster one of the deadliest and most fearsome monsters around.

9 – Predator – Predator Movies

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The ultimate soldier is an alien. And, he’s serious about what he does. Heat vision and a
reinforced armor make it hard to hide from him and make him hard to kill. Now, imagine a planet
full of them, and you’ve got yourself a serious problem. Be careful when engaging him in battle.
If you pin him down in defeat, he might just blow himself up, taking you in the process. He’s not
immortal, but once you find his weakness, you can take him out pretty easily.

8 – Babadook – The Babadook

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A character from a children’s book, he managed to inflict psychological torture on a single
mother and her son without so much as touching them. Merely reading a children’s book
unleashed this creepy thing upon its victims. This monster drove his victims insane without out ever having to harm them. The psychological torture of a single mother and her son played into giving this character life until the very last act when he finally emerged to freak out his victims and the audience.

7 – Baghul – Sinister

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Baghul, or Mister Boogie as the kids call him is a wonderfully horrifying figure. The use of
children to carry out heinous acts makes Baghul one of the scariest characters onscreen. He
didn’t appear to the protagonist until he needed to, to force the action required to move the story
along–making the family move. And yet, he didn’t inflict a single injury on any of the film’s
characters. Brilliant.

6 – Alien – Alien

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What could be worse than aliens? Aliens that burst forth from your chest. You could have an
alien inside you and not even know. It seems like all they want to do is propagate, but they take
out humans in the process, leaving behind only the husks of their hosts. And if they get to adult
size you better hope Ripley’s around to help you survive the encounter.

5 – Pumpkinhead – Pumpkinhead

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Pumpkin has a singular purpose. This is a demon that is summoned by someone seeking
revenge. And, he can only be stopped when he’s completed his task. Even the summoner isn’t
immune if he tries to get in Pumpkinhead’s way. You better really want what you’re asking for
when you summon him, or you could end up in pieces like your enemies.

4 – The Alien – A Quiet Place

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These are the creepiest creatures to hit the big screen in a long time. Essentially this monster is
a giant ear. They can hear the slightest sound. From the snapping of a twig to leaves rustling
underfoot, the slightest sound can attract this man-eating beast. You’d better have any potential
noise-making items put away. And, you’d better have a plan for those crying babies because
they’ll be the death of you if you don’t.

3 – Shapeshifter – The Thing

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No one is to be trusted when The Thing is around. Your pet, your best friend, your mother could
all be imposters. The Thing is another alien only this time it imitates the creatures it comes into
contact with. But this time and attempts to assume his identity, only to consume it, and imitate
the next person or animal it comes into contact with. By the time you know what’s happened,
the people around you might not be who they say are, and your favorite furry friend may be a
creature ready to devour you.

2 – Graboids – Tremors

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Imagine walking along, minding your own business when the ground starts to shake and a giant
sandworm erupts from the sand in front of you to devour your friends. That’s how the graboids
operate. They can feel your movements, so they know exactly where you are and when to
strike. With these things wriggling around you’re stuck playing a never-ending game of the floor
is lava, and forget trying to outrun them. Your best bet is to build yourself a jet pack because
you’ll never want to touch the ground again in a world where graboids exist.

1 – Pennywise – IT

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Pennywise has to be one of the worst movie monsters of all time. He pretends to be a friendly
clown, but in reality, he’s your worst nightmare. He can take any form and appear anywhere.
Your fear is what gives him power, and the more afraid you are, the more powerful he gets. So
how do you defeat a monster that scares the living daylights out of you? Develop thick skin, face
your fears, and mean it. Otherwise, he’ll be back in 27 years to feed on a new generation of
fearful children.

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