State of the SWO: May 2021


I mean… it’s not. It’s still a very serious global situation. Get your vaccine and continue to wear a mask! Follow CDC guidelines and let’s keep trending in the right direction as a society!

That said… I’m vaccinated, and I refuse to spend another summer locked in my house. This upcoming weekend, the wife and I are traveling to North Carolina to visit friends of ours for the long holiday weekend. They moved shortly before COVID, and we haven’t seen much of them since then, so I’m looking forward to that.

Virtually no sooner will we be returning from North Carolina than we will be turning right around and heading to Atlantic City for a regular sized holiday-free weekend! I’ve actually never been to Atlantic City before, so this will be a first for me. I’m not much of a gambler; I’m wildly unlucky and get addicted to gaming very easily. I’m not going for gambles, though; I’m going for fun times with friends.

That will take us well into June, and at the end of July, we’ll be heading to Cancun for a week! 2021: the year where we make up for 2020, I guess. But I’ll cover that last trip when I get there.

What I’m saying is, if I slip on scheduling an article or five during the next week or two, bear with me. I’ll try to remember to schedule in advance, but I’ve been busy preparing for trips. My wife made me go to Target last night to buy new shorts because it turns out I only own two pair, and they are literally identical. I bought the same shorts twice. I was told that wearing the same khaki color all of the time is “boring”.

Now I have two shades of gray and a blue! Stylish! Watch out, summer!

Actually, she recently did not understand why I’m not jealous she owns more clothes than I do.

Anyway, it turns out Target did not have white shorts. But… light gray! That’s close, right?

In addition to mini vacations upcoming, I should shortly be recording my guest spot for a new podcast under the Forgotten Entertainment banner, On The QT.

On the QT - FE - Strip Header.png

This is a ten episode podcast mini-series that will be breaking down Quentin Tarantino’s movies one by one. As you may know, I went through a bit of a Tarantino spree last year when COVID struck and I had more time to watch movies. Conveniently (or not), the movie I was randomly assigned is a flick of his I have currently never seen! I won’t spoil it here, but I will say to keep an eye (ear?) out for this new show.

As I mentioned above, I haven’t actually recorded my spot yet or even watched the assignment, but given that I think Quentin is one of Hollywood’s most uneven filmmakers… I’m keen to see what I think of this movie. Will it be more Inglourious Basterds… or will it be more Jackie Brown? Stay tuned!

We have two great guests coming to the Stew World Order podcast this June, too! First, on 6/1, we will have the charming Julio from The Contrarians on to talk the first DC movie chosen in SWO history! After that, on our 6/15 episode, we will be talking to independent comic creator and damn talented dude Mikey Wood with another first… the SWO’s first review of an anime!

What an exciting month!

And that’s it for this month’s look ahead. Thanks as always for sticking with us here at SWO Productions, and have a safe and grand summer!

Until next time… take care.

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