State of the SWO: June 2021

Happy Pride Month, everyone! I would like to first apologize for my really lame attempt at Pride-ing up the sWo logo for June; I have no graphic design skill. I did, however, have a rainbow's worth of logos made for me by the incredible Manster over at Pint O Comics, though, so I just... mashed... Continue Reading →

State of the SWO: May 2021

COVID-19 is OVER! I mean... it's not. It's still a very serious global situation. Get your vaccine and continue to wear a mask! Follow CDC guidelines and let's keep trending in the right direction as a society! That said... I'm vaccinated, and I refuse to spend another summer locked in my house. This upcoming weekend,... Continue Reading →

State of the SWO: April 2021

So we are almost completely through our first month of the new SWO Productions! How did our first scheduled month go? What's ahead for the site? What else is going on in The Order? You may have questions, but I have answers! So April ended up being a pretty great month for us here at... Continue Reading →

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