State of the SWO: June 2021

Happy Pride Month, everyone!

I would like to first apologize for my really lame attempt at Pride-ing up the sWo logo for June; I have no graphic design skill. I did, however, have a rainbow’s worth of logos made for me by the incredible Manster over at Pint O Comics, though, so I just… mashed ’em up! I did my best.

That said, we here at SWO Productions are happy to celebrate and support Pride and the entire LGBTQ+ community!

As for news, everything is chugging appropriately along. I had gone on a bit of a break in recording episodes of the podcast (as of this writing, I have every show through 10/1/2021 already recorded and edited!), but I decided to get back on the horse to stay in practice, as it were.

Turns out, the horse is all bitey now.

That is to say, whereas most of our first ten episodes were all pretty decent-to-great movies, the numbers our guests have been pulling of late have been REAL bottom feeders. I promise you… in a few months, we’ll feature a string of episodes that will have you wondering what the hell these people turned down if they chose what they did! Literally… some of the movies you stereotypically think of as “the worst comic book movies ever”? They’ll be there!

Is… is that enticing? Or should I have kept that to myself?

But hey, talking about terrible things is as fun as talking about wonderful ones. So I’m sure those will be some fun episodes! Bad for my overall Letterboxd average on the year, but fun to discuss!

Sticking to news regarding the podcast: I crunched the numbers. With six shows and our intro teaser under our belt, the Stew World Order podcast is currently averaging over 60 downloads per episode. That’s insanely humbling! I endeavor to make every episode at least a little bit better than what came before it, so stick with us, friends. We’re going to keep climbing that mountain.

More wonderful news on the numbers front while I am feeling braggadocios (thanks spell check… I wasn’t even CLOSE on my first try):

-The site is averaging over 900 article views per month this year, which is also incredible since I don’t really have one particular article that has blown up and done gangbusters (the closest being my review of The Viltrimute War from Invincible that consistently gets 1-2 views every day – the key takeaway being to review more damn Invincible books going forward… especially when season two starts).

-Our Twitter following is creeping up on the big 5-0-0-0. We are sitting at 4922 as of this writing. That’s an unfathomable number to me, and I am perpetually honored that anyone at all cares about my inane ramblings and polls as to which breakfast carb is best.

(That said… Bagel beat out Croissant and Muffin? Absurdity, Twitterverse!)

On a more personal note–and AGAIN with the numbers–June 17th was the 9th anniversary of my wife and I! Next year will be the celebration a decade in the making!

We also decided upon and started working on our Halloween costumes for this year, and we are going BACK to the comic book well because she is a saint. I’ll be excited to share pictures when the time comes. We’ve done comic inspired looks multiple times in the last several years…

Though, to be fair, the Thundercats year was HER idea

For now, as a hint? Think animation.

If you missed out on the new segment that Pint O’ Comics started that I helped out with this week, here you go!

As always, love working with those fellas, even when they have me watching and reviewing MST3K quality flicks.

And that’s it for June! Short State of the Order Address this month, but that happens sometimes. I’ve gotta start watching movies for all the new episodes I’ll be recording in the next few weeks!

Until next time… take care!

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