State of the SWO: September 2021

Happy Fall everyone! I’m still not used to its being so dark when I wake up. I still have the June brain where I expect it to be bright and sunshiney at 6am. Now I get up, see that it’s still dark out, think “Oh, good, it must be the middle of the night”, then look at my phone to see it is 6:30 already.


Sun, come back!

But it’s not. It won’t. Not for several more months. This is life now! Dreary and rainy and dark all of the time and hopeless. It could realistically SNOW soon.

This is… a terrible intro. Let’s get it together. more positivity!

I hope everyone had a great summer this year! Whether you took advantage of being vaccinated and did what you couldn’t last year or you stayed in another year because of variant strains–both decisions are respectable–I hope you made the most of what you could! And I hope your fall plans are equally as fulfilling.

Speaking of which–and I can only somewhat get into this because it’s VERY MUCH more in line for October’s State of the SWO–HALLOWEEN IS COMING. Our party planning is in full swing, and my wife started decorating this past weekend. We are hoping to have a fun turn out for the party on 10/30, and our costumes are just about complete…

See the source image

In addition to Halloween prep, October will be full of RECORDING for the Stew World Order! We already have several dates scheduled with some fantastic first-time guests, and I’m excited to get them on the show and talk comic book movies! These new episodes won’t air until 2022 (I’m already recorded up through our New Year’s Day episode), but I’m sure the wait will be well worth it.

I’ll always be recording spots on a few other shows in the coming weeks, and I’m excited for that. Look forward to hearing my rambling on in such shows as The Nomcast, SP10, and Your Next Favorite Movie! The first one of those, with the SP10 Boys, should already have been recorded by the time this article drops. I… should start working on my list. Oops!

Okay, that’s it for September. Quick update!

Until next time… take care!

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