State of the SWO: April 2021

So we are almost completely through our first month of the new SWO Productions! How did our first scheduled month go? What’s ahead for the site? What else is going on in The Order? You may have questions, but I have answers!

So April ended up being a pretty great month for us here at SWO Productions after all. We didn’t QUITE stick to the planned monthly formula due to reviews on all four nights of NXT Takeover Stand & Deliver and Wrestlemania, but that was at least expected. We also threw in a review of the fantastic action movie Nobody once it dropped. So there were a few interruptions to the agenda, but that’s all right because we are fluid here and we move with the waves! A couple of items got shuffled, and the month moved on.

You may also have noticed that the first two episodes of our podcast, the Stew World Order podcast, came as planned on 4/1 and 4/15. We can’t say enough nice things about Nico from The Tiny Bookcase and Calvin from A Podcast About Something for helping make our debut shows tremendous. Our podcast is currently available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Podchaser, and others, so go subscribe and never miss an episode!

Starting on May 1st, our show will have its first slight cosmetic makeover when we talk to Ken from the Ocho Duro Parlay Hour. We’ll have a slightly new intro to the show, sure, but our bigger change will be that we have acquiesced to the first big request of our show: outro music! No longer will the show just abruptly end with my telling you to take care; now we have the spectacular music of Punchline (who also provides our intro music) to take you into the rest of your day.

Why didn’t I have outro music to begin with? I just didn’t think of it! But I have heard your requests and have it now.

In other podcast news, I may have gone JUST A LITTLE BIT berserk in the last month… I have already recorded our episodes for May 1st through, I believe, October 1st! What can I say? I have been really eager to get together with everyone who wanted to guest on the show and get their show wrapped! Pacing has never ever been my strong suit.

I have left myself PLENTY of time to edit these episodes, at least.

I assume by the time I have to record for our 10/15/2021 episode, I will have long forgotten how to do the show. So definitely stick around for at least that one in a few months because it might be terrible!

Here’s a game to play, by the way: Take a shot every time I ended a sentence with an exclamation point so far. You’ll black out before you get back to this point of the state of the SWO address. I can’t help it; it’s all so very exciting here these days!

Also on the New Stuff front, we have some new art for the site in the form of a new SWO icon logo:

I can’t thank The Manster from Pint O’ Comics enough for those, and I’m excited to start incorporating them as we move on. Also, look at all of those colors, man! I love color options, especially when my particular aesthetic leans very garish. I would paint my house lime and lavender if it were up to me.

And speaking of Pint O’ Comics, look forward to hearing both The Manster and Ganache on future episodes of the Stew World Order. Because, uh, I already recorded both of those shows, so I know they’re happening. Like I said… I’ve been busy. And as a bit of a teaser… they somewhat ironically each picked a movie from the same trilogy!

As you are likely aware from our regular Entertainment Rex articles, I’ve been on an absolute tear (for me) on movie watching this year: I’m up to 64 movies seen in 2021 (only 62 logged at Letterboxd because two were repeat viewings of some Friday the 13th movies I watched as recently as last fall). And after having watched Guardians of the Galaxy this past weekend with the wife, she has decided we need to rewatch the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe in chronological order sometime we have a free weekend. Well, a free weekend + a few other days.

Without stepping too much on the toes of the podcast, I’ll figure out something to do in celebration of that. I’m open for any ideas from the community! What would you like to see me (and my wife?) do in regards to an entire MCU rewatch?

What else? Well, I am FRIGHTFULLY behind on my writing. It happens. I’d rather it didn’t, but… it does. It’s that glorious combination of my own self-doubt and trepidation and mental health, along with the world starting to reopen and my being tired of being stuck in my house for the last year. We have not been home much the last few weekends.

I just need to power through, but luckily I’m still well enough caught up that I am in little peril! But still… I hit moments where I deal with distractions less well than I do at other moments! And with all of the time and work I’ve been putting into the podcast this month, I’m, yes, quite distracted.

Like yesterday for instance! I started the preliminary work on an art project that we are undertaking in our home, and that pushed a lot of my time towards cutting up fifty cent comics I have been accruing. I managed to get a bit of website work done after the fact, but my glee over creating fancy things waylaid me.


And that is the current state of the SWO, friends! Proud to say everything is going delightfully well, and I’m looking forward to what May brings us.

Until next time… take care!

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