Our Favorite Superman Artists

Welcome to a new feature here at SWO Productions! Some of our contributors will be getting together with me to review each of our favorite artists for some of the most popular comic book characters of all time. These characters have existed in the culture for decades, and the number of amazingly talented artists that have leant their abilities to them is absurd. But who have we enjoyed the most?

We are starting off with the most well-known comic book character–one of the most well-known fictional characters in history–Superman himself! Let’s see what we think…

Stew’s Picks

-Dan Jurgens

For me, I’m maybe a little biased towards Jurgens’ writing, so I’m going with what I remember being some of my favorite Superman stories and the art involved. Also, he created Doomsday, who was a STRIKINGLY powerful villain in appearance.

-Ed McGuinness

It’s weird because I tend to enjoy Superman as a more Regular Man style character. Then I go and pick McGuinness. But I LOVED his larger-than-life cartoon style, and the facial expressions he could do. So whereas his body style may not be for me, everything else is.

-John Byrne

Byrne is an all-time great artist, who–like Jurgens–wrote a great era of the character, so everything popped in addition to just the story. He gave Clark some real hayseed appeal, and Superman had stature and dignity.

AP’s Picks

-Alex Ross

Ross’ realistic style brings a certain epicness to Superman that makes him larger than life. What’s great is that Ross often uses little Golden Age touches when he paints Superman that gives it a certain timelessness.

-Ed McGuinness

I’m not a fan of a big, bulky Superman unless McGuinness is doing it. McGuinness tends to draw most male heroes like they’re bodybuilders but it works somehow. His Superman has a certain heroic quality to him that I dig.

-Tom Grummett

Simple. Clean. Iconic. That’s Tom Grummett. He’s not the flashiest artist but his smooth style really works well for Supes.

Chris’ Picks

-Frank Quitely

I like a big boy Superman. He is drawn with some warm bright colors by Frank, where he is made to look like a nice corn-fed big boy. Like if the character from Letter Kenny became a superhero. It also sells the difference between Clark Kent and Superman and how people might be fooled by this. Superman stands tall, while Clark seem to be a big dude who knocks things over. I can imagine Lois taking one look at Clark and saying “Look at this hayseed. He can’t be Superman. Superman is a Giga Chad while Clark probably makes list about his favorite comic book artist”. Also, Frank draws great scenes of Superman fighting big monsters… and that’s what I like in my Superman

-Gary Frank

Now I know this may be controversial with some of the character having the boney Will Dafoe face. But he is really good at getting impression and giving that nostalgia Christopher Reeve feel. He has that classic Norman Rockwell style that really fits an American classic like Superman. His art is like a relaxing pair of slippers. Very comforting. He is also good at making different faces, which a lot of artists can’t do.

-Alex Ross

Superman is a classy guy, and thus needs a classy artist. His Superman just drawn as the classic Greek God that these characters are. He drawn to look like your dad also. And isn’t Superman American Dad when it come down to it. He gives him the barrel chest and the classic spit curl.

There are our lists, and we had a fair amount of crossover. But who did we miss? Let us know in the comments who YOUR favorite Superman artists are!

Until then… take care!

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