Stew’s Reviews: Booster Gold

I just bought hockey tickets! I haven’t been to a game a long time; several years at this point, actually. I went through a stretch in the mid-2000’s where I made it to at least one Pittsburgh Penguins game per year, but it’s been a solid decade since I have gone. Every time I have been to the PPG Arena since it has opened, it’s … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Booster Gold

Stew’s Reviews: The Death of Superman

I’m probably literally the only one, but I am a big Doomsday fan (that’s right, you take your comic reading advice from someone who has so far declared his love for Jubilee, Kyle Rayner, and now Doomsday, so… that probably says more about you than me, honestly). I mean, he’s not a Top Ten character for me, but… Top 25? I could see that. It’s … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: The Death of Superman

The Top 100 Comics Of A Lifetime Part 4 (#85-81)

For more on this countdown so far, check out: #100-#96! #95-#91! #90-#86! On with the list: #85. Robin #46 Hey, I loved this title. Robin was the first DC book I ever started buying monthly (though that distinction is not truly amazing; it was very quickly followed up by The Flash, Green Lantern, JLA, and a few others in my college days). The years have … Continue reading The Top 100 Comics Of A Lifetime Part 4 (#85-81)