Our Favorite Spider-Man Artists

It’s part two of the members of SWO Productions talking about our favorite all-time artists for some of the most classic characters in comic book history. Previously we talked The Man Of Steel from DC Comics.

Today, we are moving on to another of the absolute S-tier characters in history: It’s Spider-Man! Switching over to Marvel, but staying with the red-and-blues!

Stew’s Picks

-Erik Larsen

Larsen was the Amazing Spider-Man artist when I first started buying the book, even though his tenure was almost over (I came on board in the 340’s). I immediately loved his expressive use of Spidey’s mask and the craziness of Venom’s mouth. He drew Spidey with such nuts flexibility, too!

-Humberto Ramos

Spider-Man is supposed to be almost an alien, uncomfortable kind of hero. He’s based on a spider, a creature that people so commonly fear! And Humberto really draws Spidey so… awkward. He’s WELL drawn, but he is also so bizarre to the eye. You have to imagine that’s the feeling the hero should be giving off, right?

-John Romita Sr

JR Sr perfected what Steve Ditko created. Ditko came up with all of the concepts and really did a great Peter-as-an-awkward teen. But Romita turned him into the young man we would all come and know. He added real growth to the title and the cast.

AP’s Picks

-Erik Larsen

Larsen is one of my all-time favorite artists. He drew Spidey like a male gymnast: lean but muscular. I always hated when people drew a really thin Spider-Man.

-Mark Bagley

Like Larsen, Bagley drew a muscular Spidey and he was great at displaying movement, which is important for that character. His Spidey always looked like he was in motion.

-Charles Vess

I’m gonna throw a curveball here. Vess is best known for his fantasy art but he did a handful of Spidey covers and has at least one issue of Amazing Spider-Man as well as a Spidey hardcover under his belt. Vess’ linework and stark colors work well for Spider-Man. I used to have a Vess poster featuring Spidey chasing Hobgoblin that I loved.

Chris’ Picks

-Todd McFarlane

I am 90’s kid. And MacFarlane was my Spiderman when I really got into the character. Still remember the classic comic book covers and the cool poses. He just looks cool. Lot of dark atmospheres but able to draw bombastic action pretty well. He also drew a pretty hot Mary Jane as well. He really drew Spiderman wild movements and sold his agility. Every panel was like a painting.

-Erik Larsen

Erik can do comedic character and big epic fights. And Spiderman needs both. He really gets those eyes right so it will show expression. The eyes are the most important part of Spiderman. They make no logical since that it will behave that way because it’s a mask. But I really like it. He also good at drawing wild looking freaks. This makes for great fighting scenes. The cover with Spiderman and the Ghost Rider is classic.

-Steve Ditko

Classic, very trippy, and colorful images. All his art looks like an Andy Warhol painting. Its very fun. So many people aped his style afterwards. He is one of the GOATS of comic books. His art has a real personality that his own. I remember one scene where Spiderman is buried under rubble. Then Spidey lifted by doing the now classic “Got to do it for AUNT MAY” scene. Really tells a whole story with a single panel.

Wynter’s Picks

-Todd McFarlane

Some of the most iconic Spidey covers and my favorite overall artistic depiction of Spidey snd the costume. His line work has always been incredible.

-Mark Bagley

Probably the easiest and most common pick among nerds of a certain age. Bagley was 90s Spider-Man.

-Humberto Ramos

I apologize in advance to all the purists, but Humberto Ramos. I’ll definitely take shit for this (understandably), but I think Ramos does an amazing job with the frenetic pace and bendy-wendy skinny boi aesthetic that I feel is integral to Spidey. I definitely understand why he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ve loved the majority of his stuff since I first read Crimson, and I think he’s perfect for more lighthearted Spidey stories.

And that’s it for Spidey, and we have7 total artists across the board. Some variety, sure, but a lot of crossover, too. Erik Larsen, man. Lots of love for him.

What about you, though? Who are your favorite Spider-Man artists of all time? Let us know!

Until next time… take care!

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