Our Favorite Spider-Man Artists

It’s part two of the members of SWO Productions talking about our favorite all-time artists for some of the most classic characters in comic book history. Previously we talked The Man Of Steel from DC Comics. Today, we are moving on to another of the absolute S-tier characters in history: It’s Spider-Man! Switching over to Marvel, but staying with the red-and-blues! Stew’s Picks -Erik Larsen … Continue reading Our Favorite Spider-Man Artists

Entertainment Rex: January

Welcome to our newest feature here at SWO Productions: Entertainment Rex! Twice a month, I will look back on what I’ve read, watched, and experienced and let you know if it can be recommended or not (is that… semi-monthly? Bi-monthly is every other month, right? What means “twice a month”? Semi… Bi-sometimesly? Anyone have any help here?). I’ll be honest with you… mostly I am … Continue reading Entertainment Rex: January

Jab’s Deep Dive: Image Comics (part 3)

IMAGE CREATORS- TODD McFARLANE:-Todd McFarlane remains the most famous and possibly most successful of the Image creators, though isn’t the most notorious. Born in Calgary, Alberta, and washing out of baseball, he got his start in comics with DC’s Infinity, Inc., where I remember Roy Thomas declaring in an editorial, “Todd McFarlane- remember that name”. His style was more typical of the era, lacking many of … Continue reading Jab’s Deep Dive: Image Comics (part 3)

Jab’s Deep Dive: Image Comics (part 2)

For more, check out part 1 HERE! SPAWN: Big in the ’90s- Spawn, Spawn, Spawn!:-The biggest solo star in Image Comics history, and a near-superstar in his own right, was Spawn- Todd McFarlane’s contribution to Image. Spawn kind of got a “test-run” in Marvel when Todd wrote a  Spider-Man issue featuring a scary-looking, brooding Morbius living in the sewers of New York City, being served by an … Continue reading Jab’s Deep Dive: Image Comics (part 2)

Jab’s Deep Dive: Image Comics – Part 1 (of A LOT)

Hey all! Here’s a series of things I was writing for another site about Image Comics and its history. Anyone with more familiarity, or any recollections of that period, feel free to chime in as well! I wrote little things about each team and many of the solo characters, particularly of the 1990s period. IMAGE COMICS: -Image Comics: where justifiable anger against your bosses, “Meet … Continue reading Jab’s Deep Dive: Image Comics – Part 1 (of A LOT)