On Nostalgia And Biases

“Never Trust Anyone Whose Favorite Movie Came Out After They Turned 21”. I saw someone post this once on Twitter, and I was aghast. (I wasn’t. I just like the word “aghast” and need to work it into more things. “Rob, what did you think of your niece’s 2nd birthday party?” “I was aghast!” See? Always fun) Anyway, I started thinking, “Well how true can … Continue reading On Nostalgia And Biases

The Top 100 Comic Books Of A Lifetime, #35-26

Yes, it’s been a while! I know, I know! I’ve been busy. Let’s get right into it. Not fair to make you wait any longer. For more on this list recounting up to this point, click HERE! Just follow the links backwards. #35) Omega Men #26 My very limited experience with anything having to do with The Omega Men is entirely the Tom King mini-series … Continue reading The Top 100 Comic Books Of A Lifetime, #35-26

Stew’s Reviews: Batman – Holy Terror

I have fought off the urge to say anything to this point, but I’d like to point out now that this is the 99th edition of Off The Rack! I’ve been at this for some time now, and when we reconvene next week, it will be for my 100th volume of this series! I have been working on a special article for number one-hundred for … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Batman – Holy Terror

Stew’s Reviews: Power Man & Iron Fist

As of this writing, I just finished Luke Cage season 2. Obviously, by the time you read this, that will have come out months ago, but I write these well in advance in case anything comes up where I can’t (for reference’s sake, volume 19, The Long Halloween, was just published yesterday). Sometimes it really matters, too, because I just went through through a stretch of two+ … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Power Man & Iron Fist

Stew’s Reviews: Hulk – Future Imperfect

I miss when Peter David wrote the Hulk. I get into this with my podcast cohorts a lot, because I feel like any Hulk not written by Peter David is not a Hulk to care to read. I feel like they are always coming up to me and saying “There’s a new Hulk book coming out! Check out this radical idea they are rolling out: … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Hulk – Future Imperfect

Jab’s Deep Dive: Agents of Atlas

Chances are, if you were reading a Marvel comic between 2005 and 2007, you were reading a lot of hype for the Agents of Atlas. I dunno if it was just the comics *I* was reading, but it felt like everywhere you turned, there they were- either featuring prominently in ads, getting big “Crossover” Limited Series with more-established heroes, or just plain crossing over into … Continue reading Jab’s Deep Dive: Agents of Atlas

Stew’s Reviews: New Gods by Jack Kirby

I get why reboots in comics have to be a thing, I guess. It’s 2019, so the idea that middle-aged-but-still-near-his-physical-prime Tony Stark was an adult during the Vietnam War doesn’t make a lot of sense. You’ve got to screw up the time table on these things when you have characters rooted in actual human history, so yeah… every few years, you have to say “IGNORE … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: New Gods by Jack Kirby

Stew’s Reviews: Iron Fist – The 7 Capital Cities of Heaven

I didn’t hate season 1 of Iron Fist on Netflix. I have had some harsh criticism for the Netflix series for a long stretch where, prior to Luke Cage season two, they had seemed to have lost their way, but I actually enjoyed Iron Fist somewhat. Honestly, until Punisher, it was probably my third favorite season of the lot (after the nearly-flawless Jessica Jones and Daredevil inaugural seasons). I … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Iron Fist – The 7 Capital Cities of Heaven

Top Ten Supporting Casts In Comics

To include independent comics in this list or not; that was the question. The problem that I ran into is that so many independent comics–Saga, Hellboy, Fables, Monstress, Strangers In Paradise, Spawn, and so many more–are so inextricably linked to their supporting cast that the idea of a “main character” in those books can get lost in the shuffle. Sure the BPRD are a support … Continue reading Top Ten Supporting Casts In Comics

Stew’s Reviews: Flash War

Here’s the thing: for a guy who who write a weekly review article on comic books—for a guy who has a friggin’ comic book podcast—I read precious few comic books. Old stuff, sure! All the time. But modern stuff? So very, very little. After sorting through whatever book I can find in which Jubilee is currently being published, I seldom dig much deeper. Both Marvel … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Flash War

Comics’ Best Alternate Looks: Part 3

I’m still at this! We have done this twice before at this point (Exhibit A and Exhibit B), and I can’t stress this enough: I love alternate get-ups. I am the guy that, when I get a video game where the hero can unlock or earn various costumes, I will NEVER use the default look again. The Spider-Man PS4 game absolutely spoiled me for this. What an … Continue reading Comics’ Best Alternate Looks: Part 3

The Batman (2022) review

Wow, what can I say about Matt Reeves’ take on The Batman? After nearly a decade of Snyder & Affleck nearly ruining cinematic Bat adventures for me (seriously, Batman using MACHINE GUNS and KILLING PEOPLE?! I mean, could you miss the point of the character’s backstory anymore? Especially when so heavily relying on the “Martha” reference to tie your “Snyderverse” together?) Ok, enough of my ranting … Continue reading The Batman (2022) review

Marvel Netflix Retrospective – Jessica Jones Season 3

We’ve come to the final entry in this series. Shortly after the second season of Punisher, it was announced that all Marvel Netflix shows were cancelled and further more, it would be two years before Marvel Studios would be allowed to use any of the characters due to its deal with Netflix. It was a massive blow. Jessica Jones’ third season, like the final seasons … Continue reading Marvel Netflix Retrospective – Jessica Jones Season 3

Stew’s Reviews: Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon

Andy has recently taken to giving me crap about the way I review books. Apparently, I am too vague and not precise enough! Which is fair. Sometimes I am more into reviewing a run or an overarching arc than I am , like, a single trade collection. Like when I reviewed Fear Agent, I reviewed the ENTIRE SERIES. And when I reviewed Savage Dragon, I tended towards … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon