Bodies Bodies Bodies Review

Okay, I was pretty worried about this one. Bodies Bodies Bodies had all the makings of either an instant classic hilarious horror-comedy… or of an insufferable attempt at unironically overusing Zoomer lingo and culture. The more trailers I saw, the more I was worried it was veering towards the latter, with characters seemingly constantly referring to each other as “toxic” or “gaslighters” or as “silencing” … Continue reading Bodies Bodies Bodies Review

Episode 36: Spider-Man (2002)

Is it time for the biggest discrepancy in show history between Stew’s score and that of his guest? It just might be as Stew and Sam from Movie Reviews In 20Q’s go back to Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire’s first wall-crawling effort!

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Top Ten: Summer Blockbusters

It’s June! The official start of summer! Now, the movie industry will tell you that the summer starts in May, even possibly encroaching into the end of April, but I don’t buy it. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, summer starts June… June… June twenty-somehingth. I’m not sure exactly. It’s definitely a solstice. But that’s not the point. The point is… not May. They can release … Continue reading Top Ten: Summer Blockbusters

Episode 35: Man Of Steel

It’s the start of the Snyderverse! For better or worse, this is where it all began for the ill-fated DC Extended Universe. How does it fare in the eyes of the Stew World Order and Carlo from The Movie Loot?

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And Then I Re-watched the Karate Kid Remake

Welcome to the third part of what has become an unintentional trilogy.  Within the past several months, I re-watched the original trilogy of Karate Kid movies, then I decided to buckle down and watch the fourth for the first time.  Just to complete the trifecta, I re-watched the 2010 Karate Kid remake with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan.  Interestingly enough, this was the only Karate … Continue reading And Then I Re-watched the Karate Kid Remake

Top Ten: Best Part 4’s In A Franchise

Oh man did I call this one. Previously, when I ranked the best Part Three’s in movie franchises, I noted that when I started putting together the list, I was SHOCKED by how many of them were great. I ended up leaving off several high quality movies because there was such a dearth of winners when movies hit their third entry. So I wondered… if … Continue reading Top Ten: Best Part 4’s In A Franchise

The Batman (2022) review

Wow, what can I say about Matt Reeves’ take on The Batman? After nearly a decade of Snyder & Affleck nearly ruining cinematic Bat adventures for me (seriously, Batman using MACHINE GUNS and KILLING PEOPLE?! I mean, could you miss the point of the character’s backstory anymore? Especially when so heavily relying on the “Martha” reference to tie your “Snyderverse” together?) Ok, enough of my ranting … Continue reading The Batman (2022) review

For the First Time In Years, I Watched the Karate Kid Trilogy Again

But why though? I saw the latest season of Cobra Kai back in January and I guess I just got the hankering to watch the originals. Like most guys my age, I saw the movies as a kid, I really liked them, and then I moved on to other things. I know a lot of people have continued to watch these movies long after the … Continue reading For the First Time In Years, I Watched the Karate Kid Trilogy Again

Top Ten: Fictional Mothers (by THE PINT!)

So the Stew invited me back for this very timely article, and I’m very happy that they did. You see, the last time we did this and put our articles up for vote as to who’s was best, well, I humbly won. Now, do I expect to win again you may ask? I answer with a resounding- Yes. Yes I do. Ok, now that that’s … Continue reading Top Ten: Fictional Mothers (by THE PINT!)