Episode 36: Spider-Man (2002)

Is it time for the biggest discrepancy in show history between Stew’s score and that of his guest? It just might be as Stew and Sam from Movie Reviews In 20Q’s go back to Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire’s first wall-crawling effort!

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Top Ten: Summer Blockbusters

It’s June! The official start of summer! Now, the movie industry will tell you that the summer starts in May, even possibly encroaching into the end of April, but I don’t buy it. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, summer starts June… June… June twenty-somehingth. I’m not sure exactly. It’s definitely a solstice. But that’s not the point. The point is… not May. They can release … Continue reading Top Ten: Summer Blockbusters

Jab’s Disney Reviews: Lilo & Stitch

LILO & STITCH (2002):Written by: Chris Sanders & Dean DeBlois -This is a funny one, as it’s an original story, and has a completely unique art style (that of a long-time Disney Animator Chris Sanders, who always drew his stuff that way- one wonders if the others got annoyed at always having to shift his stuff into the “Mainline” Disney style). I have to agree with … Continue reading Jab’s Disney Reviews: Lilo & Stitch

Episode 35: Man Of Steel

It’s the start of the Snyderverse! For better or worse, this is where it all began for the ill-fated DC Extended Universe. How does it fare in the eyes of the Stew World Order and Carlo from The Movie Loot?

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Jab’s Disney Reviews: Fantasia 2000 & Dinosaur

So today’s a double-whammy… mostly because I haven’t actually watched these, lol. I have Disney+ and yet I never set aside the time to complete the Disney Animated Canon! So have some notes about them instead! FANTASIA 2000 (2000):Written by: N/A -A largely forgotten part of the canon, it was released the same year as Dinosaur, and was an obvious sequel to Fantasia. Since the original was supposed … Continue reading Jab’s Disney Reviews: Fantasia 2000 & Dinosaur

Episode 34 – The Amazing Spider-Man

Sometimes Sony decides to do the Spider-Man franchise over. And ironically, sometimes the Stew World Order has to do episodes over!

It took us two tries to get it done, but Jon from Shocking Things is here this edition to talk the Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man reboot!

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Episode 33 – Deadpool 2

Mike and Jessica from Ten Cent Takes join the Stew World Order this episode to talk Deadpool 2! Does it measure up to its predecessor? Does it managed to not fall trap to one of the worst and most sexist tropes in comics? Oops! Probably not!

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And Then I Re-watched the Karate Kid Remake

Welcome to the third part of what has become an unintentional trilogy.  Within the past several months, I re-watched the original trilogy of Karate Kid movies, then I decided to buckle down and watch the fourth for the first time.  Just to complete the trifecta, I re-watched the 2010 Karate Kid remake with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan.  Interestingly enough, this was the only Karate … Continue reading And Then I Re-watched the Karate Kid Remake

Best Part 5+ In A Franchise

We’ve done the best Threequels! We’ve done the best Part 4’s in franchises! You know what’s next, right? No, not Part 5’s. Don’t be absurd. That was honestly where I was going to go, but JESUS CHRIST that would be near impossible to make even halfway entertaining. There would, what, 3 quality movies? MAYBE? So I decided to throw everything left all into the pot … Continue reading Best Part 5+ In A Franchise