Top Ten: Favorite Anime/Manga Series

Last month, I did a list of my ten favorite indie comic books of all time, and I really wrestled with something as I made the list… “Should I include manga series in this?” Ultimately, I decided against it. For me–and this is weird–for me, manga and comics are different. It’s hard to say exactly why. As immature or whatever as it may be, COMIC … Continue reading Top Ten: Favorite Anime/Manga Series

My Top Fifteen Stories Ever: #10 to #6

Last week, after doing some meditating on standards in grading books, I started a list of my Top 15 Comic Stories Ever. Go check it out to see how #11-#15 (the “Honorable Mentions” of my Top Ten, as it were) shook out, because here today, we are moving along to part two of that list, in which I will discuss stories ten through six. I’ve become … Continue reading My Top Fifteen Stories Ever: #10 to #6

Stew’s Reviews: Dragon Ball

This week is a little out of left field, perhaps, but is it really any more so than, say, The Life And Times of Scrooge McDuck, which was also initially printed in a foreign language and whose characters are a bit more famous as cartoons than comics? So I hope you hang with me here and haven’t already made your way down to the comments to … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Dragon Ball