Stew’s Reviews: AdventureMan volume 1

It’s hard being in charge of a multimedia empire. I mean… I assume it is. That’s not… I am not saying that I am that. In charge of one. Or having anything to do with one. But I can picture it! I have a podcast that comes out three times per month. I have a website that promises new articles every weekday. I stream some … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: AdventureMan volume 1

Stew’s Reviews: Iron Fist – The 7 Capital Cities of Heaven

I didn’t hate season 1 of Iron Fist on Netflix. I have had some harsh criticism for the Netflix series for a long stretch where, prior to Luke Cage season two, they had seemed to have lost their way, but I actually enjoyed Iron Fist somewhat. Honestly, until Punisher, it was probably my third favorite season of the lot (after the nearly-flawless Jessica Jones and Daredevil inaugural seasons). I … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Iron Fist – The 7 Capital Cities of Heaven

Stew’s Reviews: Hawkeye

As of this writing, Marvel’s most recent event story, Secret Empire has concluded, and the sentiment seems to be… poor. I did not read it; I have a bad habit of only buying comics in trade because then I can cherry-pick stories that I have already heard good things about. It’s almost a shame… Marvel does event stories more often than I eat three meals a day, … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Hawkeye