Movie Review: New Mutants

Oh, the sad, strange tale of Fox’s New Mutants movie. The last of the studio’s X-Men related movies was delayed about two and a half years in total between the Disney buyout, planned reshoots, scheduling conflicts with other X-flicks, and COVID-19. It seemed destined for film purgatory–a film that was only ever going to be available in low quality online pirate copies, and which would … Continue reading Movie Review: New Mutants

Jabroniville Deep Dive: New Mutants

THE NEW MUTANTS: Mutants As Metaphor: -The idea that Mutants were a perfect metaphor for one’s Teen Years came to me a little late. Early on, it was a simple metaphor for prejudice- using a fictional minority to show the absurdities and horrors of man’s inhumanity for “the others” among them. And of course, it WORKS for that, and will pretty much always stay relevant … Continue reading Jabroniville Deep Dive: New Mutants