Stew’s Reviews: Venom by Rick Remender

Welcome back, everyone! You know what I’m a fan of? For one thing, not ending sentences in prepositions! So let’s try again: You know of what I am a fan (Whoof, proper grammar is unwieldy)? Free Comic Book Day! First weekend in May every year, just like clockwork. Good old Free Comic Book Day. And I will tell ya: for a day with “free” right … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Venom by Rick Remender

Stew’s Reviews: Fear Agent

Stew’s Reviews Volume 2, Issue #2 – Fear Agent Real talk: After a successful first week here at the S.R., I wanted to review another book starring Jubilee—and I could; I certainly have others!—but I reluctantly fought off the urge. You have to space things out when you are discussing one of the greatest X-Men thats ever lived; otherwise there is just nowhere to go … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Fear Agent