The Top 50 First Time Watches Of 2022, #40-31

We are back to my covering the best 50 movies I watched for the first time ever in 2022, excluding actual 2022 new releases, which are coming out in their own top 30. Remember, I had seen 120+ movies in 2022 that were neither new releases nor movies I’d seen before, so these are all recommended watches! How many have you seen? As a reminder, … Continue reading The Top 50 First Time Watches Of 2022, #40-31

Free Guy Review

What timing! I saw Free Guy the same day as the Thor: Ragnarok episode of my podcast was released! It’s TaikaMania running wild, brother! Every so often I fall harmlessly but accidentally into kismet. For just the fourth time since COVID started (wait… fourth? Let me check. The Conjuring, this, Black Widow, A Quiet Place 2… yep, fourth) I went to the cinema, and it … Continue reading Free Guy Review