Jab’s Reviews: Sailor Moon S (116-120)


Mimete- aka Best Villain Ever.

And we’re back for more! Chibi-Usa and her friendship with Hotaru (who is both genuinely sweet and kind, and also possessed by Satan) is now the focus of the show, with the “Outer Senshi” (Sailors Uranus, Neptune & Pluto) being bitchy and unhelpful to the younger Sailors again.


Kind of a “filler” one- Chibi-Usa, Usagi & Hotaru disregard ideas that they shouldn’t hang out, and so they come along with Mamoru to some greenhouse. Hotaru is saddened when she sees the expert botanist with his large family, recalling a mother & father many years ago, and Mimete goes through a funny thing where the boring botanist is ignored in favor of Mamoru, to whom she is attracted.

Mamo tries to let her down easy when she asks to “speak in private”, and then points out the absurd- “I’m here with my future wife and daughter!” before getting nervous and fleeing! The Flower Daimon attacks, Hotaru blasts it with energy, and Sailor Moon defeats it. Uranus, Neptune & Pluto look on, worried.


All of Mimet’s greatness is explained from this unedited GIF, when an aggressive security guard spots her pulling down signs, and she places it back up.


Mamoru narrates a bit on the Silver Millennium period, in which the three Outer Sailors guarded everyone from threats outside the solar system. And their base was on a desolate planet, which is one of those things they always gloss over, yet is totally interesting- like, we never even SEE their past lives! Uranus comments on how they’ve been granted powers “far beyond” those of the other Sailors, and the others theorize this is why the “Outer Senshi” (as the sub-fans called them back in the day) never hang out with the Inners. Sailor Pluto calls the current threat, “the greatest danger facing the Solar System”, so great that she left her post in the space between time.

Meanwhile, Mimete and the other three Witches are playing TWISTER, complete with long, lingering shots of Mimete’s bare legs from various angles… I sense the animators took a liking to working on this scene. Then when the Professor sends her on her mission, HE takes over her spot- god these villains are goofy.


Seriously, it just hangs on this scene for a full minute.

Anyways, Hotaru becomes obsessed with an athlete who was once sickly like herself- she prepares to send him a letter, but Kaori (who is REALLY ramping up the casual cruelty- she’s basically like the bitch from The Rescuers here, taunting Hotaru at every turn) points out that she’ll never have the courage to SEND it. Hotaru’s admiration catches the interest of the Usagis, who OF COURSE interfere, dragging her along to meet this high-jumper. They interact only briefly before a Daimon Attack (Hotaru actually does chicken out and is too shy to give him the letter), Hotaru faints… and then her eyes glow red and the Daimon gets blasted.

She and the jumper, Hayase, meet up and share like two lines of dialogue as the episode ends, as he feels she’s “the only person” who fully understands his backstory.


Now this is a strange one- Mimete buggers up the Professor’s Daimon-creating process, creating a massive dimensional cascade that freezes the house out of our dimension! Hotaru & Chibi-Usa are trapped inside, so the Sailors have to use the Sailor Teleport to break in, right in front of the shocked Professor (who at first fears they’ve figured out his secret identity). Hotaru pleads with them to only save Chibi-Usa if they can only save one of them; saying “I shouldn’t have been born in the first place”, which the Sailors immediately refuse. Mars even adds “It would break Chibi-Usa’s heart to hear you say that!”. Ultimately, it’s a Daimon in the basement controlling everything.

The Daimon says they must play her in games of chance & skill in order to win their freedom… but of course, she CHEATS, changing the number on Jupiter during roulette, pulling a string under Mars’ attempt at jenga, and more, freezing the girls in giant playing cards. Chibi-Usa & Hotaru challenge her to “Old Maid” in a callback to the episode’s opening (where Hotaru mourns her unluckiness), and this actually leads to Hotaru pulling the winning card! The villain screams… but goes back on her word. Chibi-Usa transforms after Hotaru faints, but the Pink Sugar Heart Attack fizzles out… until it suddenly pops back up, and the villain’s dodging results in Sailor Moon’s card-prison being shattered, and she immediately hits the Rainbow Moon Heartache to save the day.

Haruka is all “maybe it’s for the best if they DON’T come back!”, because she’s all Anti-Hotaru, and is chided by Michiru for her cruelty. In the end, though, she’s happy they made it back, and Michiru teases that Haruka actually has more faith in Sailor Moon than a lot of people.


Finally it’s clear- Hotaru is meant to become Sailor Saturn- the Guardian of Destruction.


Rei & Michiru are both having clearer-than-ever portents of doom, this time making it clear that Hotaru is the Messiah of Silence. Michiru recognizes her weapon- The SILENCE GLAIVE- the weapon of the Guardian of the “Planet of Destruction”, which makes them think this could be hopeless. The fact that they recognize “The Scythe of Silence”, yet apparently only now made the connection between that and “The Silence” is pretty funny.

So the girls all head to the planetarium for the usual Filler stuff, and the scantily-clad (SERIOUSLY- “stars over the nipples” is most of what she’s got on!) Daimon fights them using a cool star-shaped energy blast that leaves similarly-shaped holes in everything. The Sailors fight her (Tuxedo Mask even shows up- a rarity these days), but then… her Blasts awaken HOTARU, whose forehead glows with the goddamn symbol of Saturn, making it absolutely clear that this is Sailor Saturn, who is apparently much-feared. And she stuns the Daimon with a single shot and an EVIL SMIRK, then Sailor Moon finishes it. And then Sailors Uranus, Neptune & Pluto fire their attacks AT HOTARU, combining them into a super-attack that Sailor Moon has to help her dodge. And THAT’S why these Sailors refused to ally with the younger ones- they don’t think they have what it takes to murder Hotaru before Saturn can fully awaken! The Inner Sailors plead for leniency, but even Pluto & Neptune are self-assured that things must be this way.

Hotaru, unconscious, simply teleports away into bed (and a chuckling Kaolinite oversees this), while the Professor chats with an unseen master (called “Pharaoh 90” in the dub, but his name is unmentioned in the subtitles).

(First Appearance: The Silence Glaive)


Eight episodes left, and we finally get some backstory about the mysterious school (Mugen Academy), visited by Haruka, Michiru AND Hotaru! This all-important bit of backstory is of course only revealed now- it’s founded by Professor Tomoe himself! Methinks the manga only JUST revealed this, or else the writers probably would’ve mentioned it before. Pluto finally gives us some of this exposition, and points out that the necessity of Hotaru/Saturn’s death is why the Outer Sailors didn’t want the Inners getting involved- basically, once again, it’s a “you don’t have what it takes to kill people” thing.

Mimete’s plan is delayed by the Professor, much to her disappointment… and we see another Witch. Uh-oh- they only introduce one when the last is about to croak. Mimete decides to trick Tellu into calling off her mission by mimicking the Professor, then she goes off on her own to prove herself one last time. Meanwhile, we get the REAL Origin Story of the villains- Professor Tomoe’s experiment drew forth a sentient galaxy from an alternate universe, which killed everyone present but himself… including his daughter. Desperate, he made a deal with the entity, who utilized their bodies for its own ends.

The Daimon Fight is actually interesting, because it features Non-Stock Animation versions of Burning Mandala & Sparkling Wide Pressure. The Daimon beats Mars & Jupiter, while Mimete takes out Venus & Mercury- Chibi-Moon & Tuxedo Mask’s arrival lets Sailor Moon take out the Daimon, but Mimete uses one of Eudial’s old devices to insert herself into the monitors at Mugen Academy, said to amplify her power many times over. She promises to destroy the heroes… but then Tellu arrives. She points out that Eudial never USED the device because of a peculiar drawback, and ignores a DESPERATE Mimete’s screams, unplugging the machine and trapping her forever inside the monitor. Mimete’s “PLEASE! I DON’T WANT TO DIE IN HERE!” (slightly different dialogue than in the subtitles, which are more just generic pleading) is pretty horrifying. And that’s the end for Mimete. She was a lot of fun, but the past few episodes treated her more like filler. Tellu herself will likely be much more short-lived, given the amount of time we have left.

(First Appearance: Master Pharaoh 90, Tellu)


Poor Mimete begs not to be murdered. It doesn’t work.

And that’s it for another set! Eight episodes left to wrap things up, as they rapidly run out of new villains- Mimete is the last of our villains to get any focus.

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