Jab’s Image Comics Deep Dive: WildCATS Continued!

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh man, we were supposed to just be ENAMORED with Zealot, I can tell. They spend half the first issue of WildC.A.T.s gushing about how deadly the Coda Assassins are. Grifter goes on about her. She gets a big dramatic save and a two-page centerfold spread of her debut on the scene. They talk about how hot she is, and she wears a red Psylocke knock-off outfit that’s covered in blades. She was supposed to be this big mega-star. But she’s soooooooooooooo bad- Zealot is 100% drawn from that “Hot Chicks = Frowning, Grimacing Men With Boobs” well of the ’90s, where their attempts to make chicks hot was to make them scowling, tooth-gnashing bad-asses who yelled at everyone and killed people.

So Zealot debuts with the rest of the team, having teamed up with Grifter beforehand- they’d had their own deal hunting her former band of assassins (the Coda), and she recognizes Lord Emp as a Kherubim- she’s one, too, and has been on Earth for centuries. While there, she trained various women in the Coda styles of Khera, but was ultimately banished from her own organization for various acts of mercy- she’d I guess taught them too well to be killers. She was enslaved by a witch for centuries, but never gave up on who she was, and later joined Team One, along with some other Kherubim survivors. She has a child with John Colt (later the basis for Spartan), and is revealed to have had one ages ago with Mister Majestic as well.

Most of her modern stuff is “Zealot goes along with _____” or “Zealot has a backstory with _____”. She reacts poorly to the sight of what Khera has become (the Daemonites have lost the war and are now second-class citizens in ghettos), and she finds her long-lost children. Some weird story has her artificially impregnating Coda warriors to make a soldier force for Earth, which seems out of character. But it seems like most writers after the first never really had much of a “take” on her that was consistent, either.

Voodoo’s backside is literally only covered in transparent mesh.

Voodoo debuts in WildC.A.T.s #1 with a lot of fanfare- a stripper who is wearing… a full costume that she never takes off for the duration of the series, she is shown to have been born with psionic powers, letting her see the true faces of Daemonites taking human form. She gets dragged into the WildC.A.T.s’ fight against the Daemonites, but does zero fisticuffs or anything- people don’t even really comment on her job (Grifter goes to her club and the books notes how she’s hypnotizing the men in the audience). She just kinda joins the team and helps out in their big fight by separating a key Daemonite from the body of U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle.

Voodoo would later learn that one of her Kherubim ancestors had been possessed by a Daemonite, which is how she got “The Sight”. When the team was taken to Khera, she was separated from them over this, and placed in a Daemonite “ghetto” (as the war had been over for centuries). She informed the rest of the team of this disturbing trend on their homeworld, and quit the team when they returned to Earth. She returned to stripping (REALLY? Still?), then moved in with Maul, who’d fallen in love with her and attempted to remove the Daemonite blood from her using science, but things didn’t work out. It seems that most of her tales involve a combination of her just wanting to take her clothes off, and being emotionally unsure about something.

Voodoo is a rather odd combination of traits, overall. She seems to be the “Kitty Pryde”- the normal person thrown into the insane world of the heroes… except she loses the innocence of that because she’s a professional stripper, because Fanservice, I guess. She’s a Psionic probably because that was bog-standard to the X-Men at the time (Jean Grey begat Rachel Summers begat Psylocke), but most of her stuff was Daemonite-related at first.

That is the shiniest ass in HISTORY.

Void has to be easily the WORST design of the early WildC.A.T.s. While the others were walking ’90s stereotypes like Spartan, Warblade & Zealot, at least they had DESIGNS- this is just a naked chick painting her body silver! No surfboard, no mask, no nothing! If it weren’t for those little pointy bits on the edges of her face, she’d have no design at all!

Void appears in the opening WildC.A.T.s comics as a totally blank character with a lot of “Mystery For The Sake of Mystery” to her- she refuses to mention what she’s about on-panel, makes a lot of vague assertions about Lord Emp’s proper place and potential, can Teleport but with that ability limited to what the story needs (a “certain death” time-bomb is escaped when she ‘ports out an entire group, but she needs a power-boost to do it again later, for example). It turns out this is because she absorbed a Macguffin- the Orb of Power- into her own body, during a mission as a cosmonaut in the 1980s. This enveloped her body in silver and gave her great powers- powers given from a “Mistress of Light” that had lost her battle to the darkness in the far future, but cast parts of herself into the past. Void herself has Precognitive powers due to this, stating that Helspont killed her in the future, so her future-self warned current-Void about it, because that’s SUCH a ’90s thing to do.

Void was also the impetus behind the infamous mega-event Deathmate , which saw Image and Valiant merge when she had sex with a Valiant character… and their love literally DID destroy a universe. The Valiant Universe, in fact, as Image’s constant lateness made the series peter out, with tons of issues promised to shops that went unsold.

Void would uncover more Orbs of Power- one was Providence, a member of Helspont’s Cabal, while another belonged to Lord Entropy. A witch named Tapestry bonded her & Providence together, making them slaves for a bit, but they returned to normal soon. The evil Gnome attempted to use her to fuel his own Orb, but she was saved by Providence herself. However, she’d lose more and more of her humanity- her “face” was revealed to be a mask covering an empty shell, and she’d slowly be robbed of her humanity. Finally, the “Adrianna” part of her persona ascends to the afterlife- Spartan became the new host for the “Void” as a result, then it bonds with paramedic Nikola Hanssen. So the “character” of Void essentially barely existed, and bailed quickly.

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    1. haha, glad you like it! I find this era endlessly amusing- it’s excesses are horrible and the art beautiful… sometimes! Brandon Choi may be the worst writer in the history of comics because he just can’t tell a story properly, but everything’s just so out there and in everyone’s faces that it’s entertaining nonetheless.

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