Stew’s Reviews: God Loves, Man Kills

Written by—who else?—Chris “I’m Responsible For All Your Good X-Men Memories” Claremont and brought to life by Brent Eric Anderson, God Loves, Man Kills is an unflinching look at prejudice, religious fanaticism, and loyalty. This was the comic—more than any other—that really nailed the theme of how dangerous it could be to be born a... Continue Reading →

Stew’s Reviews: Astro City – Confession

That’s right, it’s another installment of Stew's Reviews, fanboys (and fangirls, of course, because I am an inclusive fellow). Here's moving into the realm of Image Comics for this week with a review of the "Confessions" story arc from Astro City! Speaking of confessions, here’s mine right off the bat: I got into Astro City... Continue Reading →

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