Top TWENTY: Favorite Comic Artists

I regretted this… almost instantly. This was, you see, supposed to be a list of ten. My ten favorite comic book artists. Easy peasy. I’m going to do a follow up on writers, sure, but I figured I would start with the men and women who bring the writers’ ideas to life. And all I had to do was pick ten who were my favorites. … Continue reading Top TWENTY: Favorite Comic Artists

Stew’s Reviews: Cosmic Odyssey

Every time I review a book from the 1980’s, I get Hobgoblins stuck in my head. Not the Roger Stern Amazing Spider-Man story arc from issue #~250 or so, but an episode of Mystery Science Theater called Hobgoblins. I’m sure I’m not alone here in loving MST3K; it’s pretty widely appreciated in the circles of people who also read comic books. But the issue Hobgoblins features the … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Cosmic Odyssey

Stew’s Reviews: Hellboy In Hell

When I saw the second Hellboy movie in theaters, it was cut together wrong somehow, so that all the scenes from the first 40 minutes of the movie were out of order. I remember watching it and thinking “Wait, that guy died; when did he come back?” or “They already worked with him, why are they just being introduced to him?” It was a bit … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Hellboy In Hell