Pop-Tart Quest: Splitz

I REALLY FEEL LIKE KELLOGGS AND POP-TARTS ARE JUST IGNORING ME AT THIS POINT. I'M NEVER GOING TO GET MY DISCONTINUED FLAVORS! THIS IS... POP-TART QUEST! As conceivably the laziest person alive--someone who will stop at nothing to do as little work as possible and circumvent any methods by which I will have to do... Continue Reading →

Jab’s Image Comics Deep Dive: Authority Characters, Part 2

https://comicvine1.cbsistatic.com/uploads/original/0/6799/1248677-engineer_01.jpg A shiny, metal, naked lady, The Engineer is the second “nigh-omnipotent” member of her team, nearly matching the Doctor’s versatility and having less of his weaknesses. Her predecessor was a member of “The Changers”, working for The High- he was killed when Henry Bendix dropped a viral bomb on the Changers’ base. In his... Continue Reading →

Stew’s Reviews: Old Man Logan

Sometimes… sometimes I have such big feelings about a book that I could talk about it forever and not get across everything I need to. This is what brings us to today’s book… TITLE: Old Man Logan Writer and Artist: Mark Millar, Steve McNiven Publisher: Marvel Protagonists: Logan, Hawkeye Antagonists: Red Skull, Hulk This was... Continue Reading →

Jab’s Disney Reviews: Aladdin

ALADDIN (1992): Written by: Ron Clements, John Muser, Ted Elliot, Terry Rossio, Burny Mattinson, Roger Allers, Joe Ranft, Daan Jippes, Kevin Harkey, Sue Nichols, Francis Glebas, Darrell Rooney, Larry Leker, James Fujii, Kirk Hanson, Kevin Lima, Rebecca Rees, David S. Smith, Chris Sanders, Brian Pimental, Patrick A. Ventura & Ed Gombert Ya know, if you wanted... Continue Reading →

Pop-Tart Quest: Pumpkin Pie

SUPER TIMELY REVIEWS ARE A SPECIALTY HERE, AS WE LOOK AT TREATS RELEASED FOR A HOLIDAY FROM FIVE MONTHS AGO! THIS IS... POP-TART QUEST! Pumpkin flavored anything! You know what that means! Wait, can we talk about how terrific The Good Place is? It's in my personal top five sitcoms of all time now, with Arrested Development (network seasons... Continue Reading →

Top Ten: Generation Five Pokemon

After years and years of playing Pokemon, Generation 5 is the time when things finally started to change. With Generation 5 came improved Wi-Fi capabilities and a better device, the Nintendo 3DS (to be clear, Black and White were not 3DS games, but the 3DS' backwards compatibility meant they could be played on it). And... Continue Reading →

Survivor Series 2021 Review

I'm giving WWE another chance tonight. I mean, I've given WWE approximately 48 chances across my lifetime. I always end up crawling back to WWE at the end of the day. And I'm usually pretty happy after I do! I know it's bad for me, but I just... I remember the good times, and I... Continue Reading →

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