Stew’s Reviews: Life of Captain Marvel

I will never understand the DC/Marvel fan divide. It’s just one of those things that doesn’t make any sense to me. Why people feel the need to take two things that are virtually the same thing, declare undying loyalty to one, and perpetually lambast the other makes no sense to me. I mean, I guess sports are the same thing. And if you own a … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Life of Captain Marvel

Comics’ Best Alternate Looks: Part 2

Welcome back! This is part two in a [X]-part series in which I look at the best outfits superheroes have worn when they weren’t in their usual attire. Like us, heroes have to keep their appearance fresh, and no matter how classic a look is, change can be good! When last we convened, there may have been some consternation that I considered Terry McGuinness, Miguel O’Hara, … Continue reading Comics’ Best Alternate Looks: Part 2

Stew’s Reviews: Ms. Marvel

I haven’t done enough “older” comics on these reviews, and I recognize that. There’s a perfectly good reason for it, though, and it’s that, uh, I don’t tend to love them. And I judge them more harshly because of that. It’s not an across-the-board thing, obviously—what is?—but it’s there. A lot of 60’s and 70’s era titles have similar conventions running through them that just … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Ms. Marvel