Stew’s Reviews: Hulk – Future Imperfect

I miss when Peter David wrote the Hulk. I get into this with my podcast cohorts a lot, because I feel like any Hulk not written by Peter David is not a Hulk to care to read. I feel like they are always coming up to me and saying “There’s a new Hulk book coming out! Check out this radical idea they are rolling out: … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: Hulk – Future Imperfect

The Top 100 Comics Of A Lifetime, #65-61

Wow, I’m still not even halfway through this list! Let’s keep going! For more of this series up to this point, start HERE and work your way backwards. #65. Avengers Annual #10 I feel like this story is less IMPORTANT (or even that good in particular) than it is just righting an egregious wrong. In Avengers #200, Jim Shooter wrote a tale of Carol Danvers … Continue reading The Top 100 Comics Of A Lifetime, #65-61

Comics’ Best Alternate Looks: Part 1

My wife and I just recently moved into a new house. The house-shopping process took… a very long time. We got to the point where we figured we were cursed. But eventually, the stars aligned, and we were able to both buy a new home and sell our old one. During the shopping process, we became close with our realtor at the time, and she … Continue reading Comics’ Best Alternate Looks: Part 1

Stew’s Reviews: ‘Nuff Said

So back in 2002, Marvel decided to have a month where all their titles’ stories had no dialogue. The gauntlet was thrown down to their writers and artists to tell compelling stories with as few words as possible. I say “as few as possible” because some of the titles screwed around with this concept as much as they could (writers would have characters write or … Continue reading Stew’s Reviews: ‘Nuff Said